My name is Peter McAughan and this is my personal website. I'm going to organize this information into categories so it's easier for you to navigate.


  I'm currently master's student at Georgia Tech, where I plan to graduate in May 2020 with a degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Machine Learning. For the summer of 2019, I'm working as a intern in the Product Simulation & Management team of Siemens, located in Princeton, New Jersey. Among many other things, I'm working on convex optimization, genetic algorithms, and machine learning modeling. During the school year, I work as a research assistant in the Georgia Tech Ubiquitous Computing Lab, and also working as a teaching assistant for Dr. Thad Starner in CS6601: Artificial Intelligence. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and minors in Math and Cybersecurity, and for extracurriculars I was an officer of the university's student radio station. I held an on-campus job performing IT services for the Chemistry Department, and in the summer of 2017 I interned as a Software Engineer at Detechtion Technologies where I worked with cloud services and large-scale data collection and visualization. I'm 23 years old, and I lived in Houston until moving to Atlanta for graduate school. I attended high school at Strake Jesuit to graduate in 2014, and moved onto undergraduate studies later that year.

My interests are centered around artificial intelligence and computing for social good, particularly developing technology to connect disabled communities with the ever-developing cutting edge of industry.

This Site

  This is my first attempt at learning HTML/CSS and website design, so bear with me if some things look a bit funky. This site uses some fancy jQuery for animations, and hopefully I'll be able to get some games running with, a Javascript game engine for webpages. Other than that, everything on this site was handled by me (shoutouts to!). Besides having a place to express who I am, I want to do some other cool things while I have a site. Sharing music was a big function that I was interested in, and as an extension sharing anything I feel describes myself in some way. I'm currently writing summaries of interesting academic papers I'm exposed to, as well as sharing interesting projects that I'm proud of.

Future Plans

  I'm currently using this website more as a repository of knowledge instead of trying to advertise anything about myself.

  I hope to develop the literature summaries to cover more influential papers and fields, as well as keep my music library up to date. It's hard to keep an updated website with everything else going on, but I'd like to avoid stagnant content.

Change Log

  August 31st - Realized a changelog here is unideal. Check out the commit history in the Github repository.

  August 6th - Now hosted with Amazon Web Services! 100% uptime! URL looks a little wonky but that'll get sorted out.

  August 5th - Redesigned music page: now with filters!

  August 1st - Source code now included in Projects page!

  July 29th - Changed a lot of resizing issues and updated fonts everywhere. Maybe mobile works better?

  July 26th - Added Experience page format. New music albums and reviews for Rhye and Tom Misch.

  July 25th - Started Changelog. Redesigned home page and fixed resizing on obvious issues. Maybe mobile works now?


Hope you're enjoying yourself!

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